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What do Sheet Masks Do for Your Skin? Everything You Need to Know

What do Sheet Masks Do for Your Skin? Everything You Need to Know
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A certain scene comes to mind when you imagine an evening of self-care. It can often involve a candle-lit room, a poorly rated rom-com, an ordered-in meal and of course, a sheet mask covering the face. Having said this, there are some variables. There are those who choose books over mindless entertainment and those with a preference for home-made food. However, what can be agreed upon is that a sheet mask has been undeniably linked to this vision of selfcare from day one. In fact, they are so intrinsically linked with pampering that many have began to question, what do sheet masks do for your skin?

Luckily, the role of a sheet mask goes far beyond a source of comfort. Keep reading to learn exactly what sheet masks do for the skin and how to use them in your routine.

What do sheet masks do?

To begin, what sheet masks do is determined by the mask itself. Its effectiveness for the skin is entirely based on its ingredients and the quality of these ingredients. For fast results, it is best to choose a mask that contains a concentrated dose of the ingredients that work together to achieve your ideal complexion.

Perricone MD's Cold Plasma Plus+ Concentrated Treatment Sheet Mask has been formulated with Vitamin C Ester, Copper Tripeptide and Phospholipids.

Vitamin C Ester, a more stable form of vitamin C, helps to give the appearance of plump skin by smoothing, brightening and helping to minimise the look of discoloration over time.

Copper Tripeptides help to repair dry skin for a dramatically firmer, smoother, younger-looking complexion over time.

Finally, phospholipids work to keep the skin hydrated by replenishing its moisture barrier and protecting from drying environmental aggressors. Phospholipids also help to improve how the other ingredients absorb into the skin's surface.

skin barrier graphic

In short, these potent ingredients combined with the mask's liquid crystal delivery system work to reduce dullness, uneven texture, uneven tone, discoloration and loss of firmness.

When to use a sheet mask in your skincare routine

Previously, it seemed that wearing a sheet mask was a luxury strictly confined to the walls of your own home or a spa. However, these days, the sightings of sheet masks being worn in public are becoming more common. In fact, in certain scenarios such as long-haul flights, the appearance of a semi-featureless face is no longer considered bizarre by any means.

Having said that, the best time when to use a sheet mask in a routine is when the mask can sit comfortably, undisrupted on the face for a sufficient amount of time. Therefore, the prime time when to use a sheet mask in a routine is in the evening. This allows you to sit back and relax, usually for about twenty minutes or so as the ingredients get to work and the sheet mask can do what it does for the skin. What's more, after the time is up, you can massage the remaining product onto the face and neck to soak into the skin overnight.

Do you wash your face after a sheet mask?

perricone MD sheet mask

A well-disputed argument on the topic of masks is whether or not to wash the face afterwards. Many claim that you do wash your face after a sheet mask, others disagree. If it is filled with pure ingredients that only serve to benefit the skin, then there should be no need whatsoever to wash your face after your sheet mask. In fact, you can consider this an unforgiveable waste of all the goodness your skin could be absorbing otherwise.

As mentioned, after you remove Perricone MD's sheet mask, you can use the remaining product to your advantage. Massage it in using a gentle upward motion for the best absorption and allow it to nourish your face overnight.

How long do you leave sheet masks on?

We understand the temptation to leave a sheet mask on for the duration of an entire rom-com, however, this can actually be counter productive. So, how long do you leave sheet masks on? It depends on the particular one that you are using but the recommended length of time to leave a sheet mask on is usually around twenty minutes. No matter how often you use the sheet mask, waiting until it dries onto the face can lead the sheet to reabsorb the moisture from the skin, so always stick to the guidelines on the sachet.

How often should you use a sheet mask?

How often you should use a sheet mask is a matter of personal preference. They can be a nourishing once-a-week addition to a skincare routine or used to add a brightness to the complexion on duller days.

Perricone MD's sheet mask can come in a pack of six and it is recommended to use one a day for six days to experience the results that match the clinical trials and deliver the most visible signs of healthy, youthful-looking skin in six days.

What sheet masks do for your skin no longer needs to be questioned. From pampers on a plane to calming evening routines, sheet masks are not only the epitome of essential self-care, the right one can provide the skin with instant nourishment for a healthy looking complexion and a radiant sheen.

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