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The Skinification Trend: Benefits of Skincare-Infused Makeup

The Skinification Trend: Benefits of Skincare-Infused Makeup
Perricone MD
Writer and expert3 months ago
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The Skinification Trend: Benefits of Skincare-Infused Makeup 

Since the very beginning, Perricone MD has believed in a holistic approach to beauty. Now, with skinification trending, the internet is officially on the same page. 


But what is skinification, exactly? Put simply, it’s the process of using your skincare habits to inspire other beauty practices for a more considerate and comprehensive routine. For example, just as consumers have made it a point to examine the ingredients in cleansers, serums, moisturizers and other skincare products, they are now doing the same for the rest of their products, including haircare and makeup. 


Taking it a step further, the skinification of makeup, in particular, is not just checking the ingredients but actually choosing makeup that treats your complexion as kindly as your skincare does. In other words, skinification is holding your makeup to a higher standard — the same standard you do your skincare. 


Our favorite way to do this is with our No Makeup Skincare Collection. It’s a complete collection of skincare-infused makeup that works double-duty to deliver a natural, “no makeup” look while powerfully transformative ingredients (think vitamin C, peptides, and biotin) visibly improve skin over time. 


Try these everyday beauty steps to hop on the skinification trend by prioritizing your skin, even while wearing makeup. 


Step 1:No Makeup Instant Blur Priming Moisturizer  

No matter how good your pre-makeup skincare regimen is, a primer as the first step in your beauty routine levels up the look. A moisturizing primer like our multi-tasks to instantly blur, smooth and prep skin to not only have the perfect canvas but prolong your makeup wear, too. Featuring a natural blurring complex, Alpha-Lipoic Acid and glycerin, it delivers an instant blurring effect to minimize the look of imperfections like enlarged pores, lines and wrinkles, all while smoothing and hydrating to improve skin’s appearance over time. 

Step 2: No Makeup Foundation Serum 

Arguably one of the most important makeup products to benefit from skinification is foundation. This is not only because it covers your entire face, but it is most often the culprit of caking, separating, melting and more. Our buildable foundation serum, though, includes skin-benefiting ingredients that help to create and maintain a smooth complexion. Neuropeptides work to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, dullness and discoloration while bisabolol and daisy flower extract work together to visibly improve dark spots and even skin tone. 


Step 3: No Makeup Eyeshadow 

Everyone has natural lines around their eyes — we blink and they’re there. But when you’re wearing eyeshadow, nobody wants it to appear creased, cracked or uneven and that’s where skincare-infused products change the game. Formulated with Acyl-Glutathione, DMAE and Vitamin C Ester, our eyeshadow delivers an instantly brighter, more-uniform eyelid color by smoothing uneven tone and texture and, with continued use, visibly reducing lines and firming. 


Step 4:No Makeup Blush 

Without the correct formulation, it’s not uncommon to notice your makeup caking as you layer more products. To avoid ruining your flawlessly primed and prepped skin, our universal gel-cream blush is designed to be blendable for seamless application. Featuring Vitamin C Ester and Chinese ginger plant extract to visibly improve dullness and discoloration over time, you’ll swipe on an instant, natural-looking rosiness and a healthy-looking, cake-free glow. 




Step 5:No Makeup Mascara 

As you now know, skinification doesn’t just apply to cosmetics that touch your skin, hair is equally as important to care for with nourishing ingredients and your eyelashes are no exception. Our unique 2-in-1 lash treatment and mascara instantly creates the appearance of more lifted, thicker eyelashes while biotin, avocado oil and tocotrienols work overtime to promote healthy, thicker, and fuller lashes through intense nourishment. 


Trust us, the benefits are clear — it’s the very reason skinification is trendy. And now, once you’ve converted to skincare-infused makeup, you’ll never look back. 



Perricone MD
Writer and expert
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