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Perricone MD offers an innovative approach to ageing skin by uniting revolutionary science-based technologies with cutting-edge skincare formulations. This superior collection of soothing toners and gentle chemical exfoliating peels are backed by patented sciences and high-performing ingredients, working to balance and clarify the complexion to promote natural luminosity. Driven by originality and excellence, toners have a lightweight, fast-absorbing texture that effectively target the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines, while chemical exfoliants sweep away dead skin cells to encourage improved firmness and elasticity over time. Used after cleansing and before treatments and moisturisers, each product helps to improve your complexion.

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Expertly formulated to balance the natural pH level of the skin, the toners saturate the skin in a detoxifying blend of advanced acids, revealing a refined and toned appearance. The chemical exfoliating peels harness the powers of copper complex and hyaluronic acid to deliver an even skin tone and texture.