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4 Summer Skincare Tips to Know

4 Summer Skincare Tips to Know
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A summer complexion can go one of two ways. It may bless you with a radiance accompanied by a scatter of dainty freckles. Alternatively, it can plague you with a parched forehead, shifting makeup and an extra-oily t-zone. This is because the sun is a fickle friend when it comes to our skin. While it can add a touch of warmth to the face, it can also leave a scalded shade of red. Its source of vitamin D can help prevent premature aging, yet its harmful rays do exactly the opposite. Therefore to use the sun to your advantage, it's important to follow some summer skincare tips.

Keep reading to uncover our top advice to avoid the hindrances of the sun yet still cash in on that sun-kissed glow.

Incorporate SPF Skincare into your routine

The first of the summer skincare tips is likely the most obvious. You simply must have some sort of SPF skincare in your face routine. Even if the sun is being hidden by clouds, a layer of broad spectrum SPF is still essential to protect the skin against those damaging UVA and UVB rays.

Some argue that SPF skincare can make the skin feel heavy and congested. This is why it's important to look for a daily reliable which is lightweight and non-comedogenic, meaning it will work as a thin veil, gliding over pores instead of seeping into them. Perricone MD's Hypoallergenic CBD Sensitive Skin Therapy SPF is the perfect summer choice as it delivers powerful protection from those rays whilst also leaving the skin feeling calmed and soothed. This is thanks to the nourishing Cannabidiol and skin-softening Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil ingredients.

SPF skincare doesn't stop there. During the winter months, you may get away with neglecting the neck and chest thanks to polo-necks and scarves. However, when v-necks and tank tops re-emerge into wardrobes, the exposed areas of the skin need protection. Perricone MD's Cold Plasma Plus+ Neck & Chest SPF 25 is a moisturising therapy for the neck and chest that visibly smooths wrinkles, creases and crepey skin on the chest as it visibly corrects and prevents the appearance of uneven skin tone and sun damage.

Use a face moisturiser for dry skin in the summer

Once the SPF skincare has been applied for protection, the next of the summer skincare tips is to replace the moisture that has been stolen by air conditioning and high temperatures. If you find that during the summer your skin is a combination of both dry and oily, the key is to use an oil-free moisturiser. This will allow your face to re-hydrate in a light-weight manner. While Perricone MD's High Potency Classics Hyaluronic Intensive Moisturiser has no oil in its ingredients, what it does contain is three different forms of hyaluronic acid which deeply moisturises and nourishes the skin. It also includes DMAE and rosemary leaf extract to lift and tighten the appearance of skin over time.

Use a vitamin C serum to help brighten the skin

Perricone vitamin C r=products with oranges

Following closely behind SPF, vitamin C is another important ingredient that should be given extra attention during the summer.

The addition of a vitamin C serum for dark spots will help to prevent and fade any colour patches caused by the sun. In other words, it will brighten and even out the skin-tone. As well as this, it helps to restore the collagen that the sun damages and destroys. Perricone MD's ultra-fine vitamin C serum for dark spots also provides an instant boost of radiance while dramatically smoothing and resurfacing skin's texture.

As important as it is, we don't produce this collagen-stimulating, anti-oxidant vitamin ourselves. This is why it is a key ingredient in both skincare and diet. If oranges aren't your choice of fruit, why not try a supplement to get your daily dose? just one serving of Super Greens Dietary Supplement Powder includes as much Vitamin C as over four tangerines.

Use lightweight makeup for summer

Finally, during those warmer months, makeup is all about being light, airy, and natural. A heavy layer of thick foundation is not only uncomfortable in the heat but can look unflattering in the harsh reality of daylight. Our final summer skincare tip is to use lightweight makeup for the summer that blends seamlessly into the skin. For example, the No Makeup Foundation Serum with Broad Spectrum Spf20 works to achieve a glowing, luminous complexion while also acting as an SPF moisturiser. For a flush of natural colour, add a dab of No Makeup Blush with Vitamin C Ester onto the cheeks.

When it comes to eyes and lips, the simpler the better. With the heat of the sun, the last thing you want to be worrying about is colours and products spreading around the face. A coat of No Makeup Mascara with Biotin on the eyelashes and a sheen of No Makeup Lipstick with SPF 15 over the lips and your complexion is summer-ready.

If you're wondering whether a clear complexion and wearing makeup can go hand-in-hand all year long, take a look at our guide that answers the well-disputed question: Is Makeup Bad For Your Skin?

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