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Why You Should Add a Face Polish to Your Regimen

Why You Should Add a Face Polish to Your Regimen
Perricone MD
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Why You Should Add a Face Polish to Your Regimen 

With the colder months officially behind us, we’re leaving dull skin in the past with it. To finally move onto smoother and brighter skin, though, we must reassess our regimens to check off all the essentials. 

No, we’re not referring to the classic cleanser, serum, moisturizer and SPF routine, we’re thinking of those often-overlooked add-ons, starting with an exfoliating treatment like a face polish, which can truly turn the brilliance (and results) up on your usual regimen. 

Types of Exfoliation: Physical vs. Chemical 

Did you know not all exfoliation is created equal? In fact, you actually want to pick your product, like any other, based on your skin type and overall concerns. 

  • Physical: As the word suggests, physical exfoliation is a type of manual exfoliation from a granular scrub or brush tool. This manual process of buffing away skin cells, dirt and debris makes this type of exfoliation perfect for instant results. For the same reason, it’s best for those who have thick and/or oily skin.
  • Chemical: Though it may sound intimidating, chemical exfoliation with products like a peel, simply uses acids and/or enzymes to chemically rid the skin of dead cells. This type of exfoliation is excellent at delivering both instant and long-lasting benefits that help with the appearance of scarring and concerns of aging, including pigmentation, dark spots, sunspots and the like. 

If you’re looking for a product that provides both physical and chemical exfoliation for instant and long-lasting results, keep reading as we’ve got you covered. 


The What, When, Why & How of Face Polishing 

What is a face polish? A face polish is an exfoliant that can come in any of the above forms, or a mix of a few. Typically mild, this skincare product is typically gentler than traditional scrubs. Their ingredients work to remove dead skin cells while simultaneously nourishing to deliver instant and long-lasting benefits. 

When should you use it? Like any exfoliant, face polish should be used as instructed, typically one to two times per week, to avoid over exfoliation.  

Why should you use it?On top of removing dead skin cells, face polishes also work to promote skin renewal and visibly improve skin texture and tone over time. By gently buffing away impurities and unclogging pores, your skin is left better equipped to effectively absorb the other products in your regimen so you can reap the many brilliant benefits of each. 

How should you use it?Before you use a polish, you’ll want to start by cleansing your face to remove makeup and excess dirt, debris and impurities. After cleansing, wet your hands and massage the product between your fingertips. Scrub in circular motions on wet skin, avoiding the eye area. 

Our Vitamin C Ester Brightening & Exfoliating Polish is a particularly brilliant option as it uses both physical and chemical exfoliation — ultra-fine, granular silica and our enzymatic fruit complex, a blend of antioxidant-rich papaya and mango fruit extracts. These two modes of exfoliation gently yet effectively exfoliate while Vitamin C Ester and ferulic acid work to minimize the look of dullness, dark spots and uneven tone. Exfoliating in this way helps you achieve the full benefits of your skincare to maintain a consistently smoother, more refined complexion with fewer imperfections. 

Now that we’ve gotten the details out of the way, it’s time to get polishing for smoother, more refined skin. After all, who wouldn’t want a complexion like that? 


Perricone MD
Writer and expert
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