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The Best Multi-Tasking Skincare Solutions to Try this Year

We may be spending more time at home, but life doesn’t feel less busy. Many of us are working, managing online schooling, organising, feeding and caring for our families. On top of that, we’re trying to stay on top of the never-ending news cycle, too. It’s a lot.  

Since most of us rarely leave the house (and when we do, we’re all masked up), it’s quite tempting to let personal grooming…go. As such, putting a ton of precious time into looking presentable just feels futile. Fine. Stash the blow-dryer. Let your legs get a little fuzzy. Scale back your grooming and skincare regimen. But if you do decide to do less, choose products that do more. That way, you gain back valuable minutes without compromising the long-term health of your skin. 

So, what kind of skincare products work as hard as you do?

The best skincare products to streamline your regimen are multi-taskers, a.k.a. formulas that tackle multiple issues simultaneously. In addition to saving time, multi-taskers also “take the guesswork out of choosing products,” says Rosalba Martone, Perricone MD’s Director of Education. You don’t have to worry that two formulas might not work well together—or that you’re inadvertently over-treating a skin condition and causing sensitivity. Using one product that addresses multiple concerns is a fool-proof way to care for the skin comprehensively, efficiently and safely. 

Where to start?

The formulas in the cult-classic Cold Plasma Plus+ Collection deliver the most comprehensive correction, making the products the best skincare solutions for anyone looking to save time and simplify their skincare routines—without sacrificing results. Made up of multi-tasking powerhouses that promote healthy-looking skin from head to toe, the Cold Plasma Plus+ Collection was developed by Perricone MD using a proprietary liquid crystal delivery system. “It allows different key ingredients in high concentrations to be suspended within the formulation at the same time,” explains Martone. That technology is what really sets Cold Plasma Plus+ apart. It allows for faster and deeper penetration of key ingredients into the skin’s surface and enables a single product to effectively treat multiple skin concerns at once. 

Deciding which Cold Plasma Plus+ products to use is simple. The collection has been curated over the years to include comprehensive solutions for all parts of the body including the face, eyes, neck, jawline, chest, arms, shins and hands. The newest product to join the iconic collection is Cold Plasma Plus+ The Intensive Hydrating Complex, a hard-working and ultra-rich powerhouse moisturiser that saturates skin with intense hydration. 

Just choose one or two products per body part that target your most pressing concerns—and discover how using effective formulas with potent ingredients that address multiple skin concerns can still make the most of your skin. 


Cold Plasma Plus+ Advanced Eye Cream 

Issues addressed: Dark circles, puffiness, crow’s feet, fine lines and loss of elasticity. 

How it works: This lightweight formula utilizes Vitamin C Ester to brighten and smooth; omegas-3, -6, and -9 to visibly plump; and copper tripeptide to firm, smooth and help repair dry skin. Use morning and evening. 


Cold Plasma Plus+ Advanced Serum Concentrate 

Issues addressed: Fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, dullness, rough texture, uneven tone, redness, discolouration and loss of firmness. 

How it works: When it comes to multi-tasking, you won’t find a harder-working formula than this all-in-one serum. Cold Plasma Plus+ Advanced Serum Concentrate promotes the 9 most visible signs of healthy, youthful-looking skin using three key ingredients: Vitamin C Ester to smooth, brighten and diminish the look of discolouration over time. Omegas -3, -6, and -9 strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier by improving its ability to retain water and visibly plumping the skin. Copper tripeptide, a powerful, naturally-occurring complex with three amino acids, helps protect and repair the skin, resulting in a dramatically firmer, smoother, fresher-looking complexion. Use morning and evening. 

Cold Plasma Plus+ The Intensive Hydrating Complex 

Issues addressed: Dryness, dullness, fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, rough texture and uneven tone. 

How it works: The one moisturiser that does it all, Cold Plasma Plus+ The Intensive Hydrating Complex deeply nourishes skin morning and evening. This ultra-rich, balm-like formula melts into the skin, delivering intense hydration with a blend of jojoba, soybean and olive oils, as well as peptides to support collagen production and Vitamin C Ester to brighten, smooth and minimize the appearance of discolouration. Use morning and evening. 

The NEW Cold Plasma Plus+ The Intensive Hydrating Complex is your daytime solution and the perfect complement to the Cold Plasma Plus+ Advanced Serum Concentrate. Use the Intensive Hydrating Complex in the morning and Cold Plasma Plus+ Advanced Serum Concentrate in the evening. 

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Cold Plasma Plus+ Sub-D/Neck 

Issues addressed: Loss of firmness, sagging, loss of contour, fine lines and wrinkles. 

Cold Plasma Plus+ Sub-D/Neck has also been shown to help reduce the appearance of a double chin and a saggy jawline. According to Martone, the Sub-D in this best-selling formula “stands for submandibular, also known as the area below the jawline. This product really helps change the appearance of the jawline. It both instantly tightens and firms, as well as reduces jowls and chisels the entire jaw over time.” 

How it works: The cult-classic Cold Plasma Plus+ Sub-D / Neck nourishes, sculpts, firms and tightens neck and jawline with three hard-working ingredients. DMAE, a substance that naturally occurs in the human brain, helps visibly plump and lift sagging skin over time. Peptides, a chain of amino acids, firm and improve the look and feel of skin by supporting the production of collagen, the building blocks of healthy, youthful-looking skin. And encapsulated caffeine promotes visibly firmer, tighter and smoother skin by energising the skin’s surface. Use morning and evening. 

Cold Plasma Plus+ Neck & Chest Broad Spectrum SPF 25 

Issues addressed: Photo damage, wrinkles, lines and discolouration. 

How it works: This lightweight cream diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, uneven skin tone and crepiness. The mineral-based SPF shields neck and chest skin from sun damage, making it a must-have daytime product. Over time, the loaded formula also helps repair sun damage and improves skin tone with Vitamin C Ester; it boosts radiance and diminishes dark spots with vitamin B3; and it utilises peptides to support the building blocks of healthy, firm, smooth skin. Pair with Cold Plasma Plus+ Sub-D/Neck each morning to maximise your results. 


Cold Plasma Plus+ Hand Therapy 

Issues addressed: Crepiness, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, fine lines, dryness. 

How it works: This super-powered hand treatment helps replenish thin skin with intense moisture. Shea butter repairs the moisture barrier, phospholipids improve moisture retention and glycine, a naturally-occurring amino acid, diminishes the appearance of wrinkles. 

Cold Plasma Plus+ Fragile Skin Therapy 

Issues Addressed: Thinning skin, crepiness, loss of smoothness and loss of firmness. 

How it works: This body treatment strengthens fragile skin on the arms, shins and other vulnerable areas with a powerful combination of potent ingredients. Growth factor peptides visibly firm skin and correct tone and texture, micro hyaluronic acid improves the appearance of crepiness and retinol accelerates skin renewal and exfoliates top layers of discoloured skin cells. 



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