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What are Peptides in Skincare

Peptides have fast become a key beauty buzzword in the world of skincare over the past few years. Described as a skincare ingredient of the future, if you’re not sure what peptides do, now is the perfect time to learn more about them.
It’s not just peptides that are fast becoming a skincare hero ingredient. There are also neuropeptides, known for their abilities to ease wrinkles and lines.
So, what are peptides? We break down the science behind peptides and neuropeptides, exploring how they work, what they do for your skin, and how they benefit your daily skincare and makeup regime.

What are peptides in skincare?

Peptides in skincare are short chains of amino acids that become the building blocks of proteins. You may be familiar with the most commonly known proteins in the skin: keratin, collagen and elastin.
As these amino acids form and create specific proteins, they become responsible for the texture, tone and appearance of our skin. Without peptides, our skin would not remain intact and the texture would dramatically change, as the firmness and elasticity would reduce.

How do peptides for skin work?

In skincare, peptides for skin reinforce those proteins that naturally occur in our skin. As well as reinforcing our skin, they help to maintain and rejuvenate it, too.
There are many types of peptides, all providing different effects. Some increase firmness, hydration and texture, whereas others ease fine lines and repair the skin’s barrier function.
We naturally have peptides present in our bodies, however as our skin’s natural communication channels start to slow down, we need a boost, and our skin sees peptides as a signal for healing. When your skin starts to age prematurely, the introduction of extra peptides triggers your skin to boost production of collagen, and start working to restore a healthy skin barrier.

What do peptides do in skincare?

When considering what peptides do in skincare, it’s worth noting that because there are such a diverse range of peptides, they don’t have to be used on their own.
Firstly, different types of peptide can be combined in one product (typically seen in anti-aging products). In addition to speeding up collagen synthesis, peptides can also strengthen keratin and elastin proteins when used in skincare.
You’ll find them carefully added to anti-aging and other skincare products in the right formulation to do their desired job – this includes providing protection and skin-soothing benefits, as well as harnessing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power.

What are neuropeptides?

In your search for high-quality anti-aging skincare, you may have come across them – but what are neuropeptides? They’re small, protein-like molecules in the body that play several roles. When released by brain cells, they communicate with other molecules and act as either neurotransmitters or hormones. Neuropeptides also serve as the activation point for cellular function in your skin.
Neuropeptides are typically produced in response to pain, inflammation, temperature and injury. They work by contacting both the epidermal and dermal cells, sending neurotransmitters in the skin, relaxing any nerve cells in the skin. When this happens, the skin starts to appear smoother, soothing wrinkles and lines.
You’ll find them in the No Makeup Foundation range, which delivers skin care combined with foundation, treating the skin as well as providing light coverage.

How can neuropeptide technology benefit my skin?

When used in skincare, neuropeptides are becoming hero ingredients due to their anti-aging abilities. Applying them topically allows the neuropeptide technology to play a key role in skin renewal, assisting with toning, firming and energising your skin. They also help to boost radiance, revive dullness and fade discolouration, alongside easing fine lines and wrinkles.

Neuropeptides in makeup

Both No Makeup Foundation and No Makeup Serum both contain neuropeptides, which unite surface cells to fight wrinkles.
By applying a foundation containing neuropeptides, it becomes an easy and convenient way to treat and improve the look and feel of our skin. No Makeup Foundation not only gives natural buildable foundation coverage but also delivers a boost of neuropeptides to soothe lines and wrinkles, relieving redness and smoothing the skin over time.

Overall, peptides can be the perfect addition to your skincare and makeup routine, helping to restore elasticity and reduce creases in the skin.
The best way to introduce peptides into your beauty regime – if you haven’t already – is to choose moisturisers and serums that contain peptides, or even use your makeup as skincare with No Makeup Foundation or No Makeup Foundation Serum. That’s the science lesson over – the key fact is that incorporating products with peptides into your beauty routine is a great way to achieve smooth, supple skin.