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The Power of Vitamin F: Introducing Essential Fx

In the ABC’s (and E’s) of vitamins for your skin, it’s surprising that we don’t hear more about the virtues of Vitamin F—because the vitamin has earned an equally special place in the hearts and minds of dermatologists and cosmetic chemists.


Indeed, there is something almost magical about how Vitamin F can transform your skin—making it smoother and dramatically more supple—which is exactly why Dr. Perricone selected it as a key ingredient in his new breakthrough collection of anti-ageing skincare products, Essential Fx Acyl-Glutathione.

The Essential Fx line of skincare products combines the power of Vitamin F with the complementary benefits of Perricone MD’s award-winning and best-selling antioxidant molecule, Acyl-Glutathione, to reduce deep wrinkles, creases, and lines—even of the expression variety—and restore hydration, elasticity, healthy radiance, and so much more to your skin.

To use another powerful word that starts with the letter F, the effects are pretty fabulous.

The Role of Vitamin F in Anti-Aging Skincare Products

Vitamin F is critical in supporting one of the most important aspects of your skin: The protective moisture barrier (also known as the lipid barrier). This barrier is made up of minuscule globules of fat that earn their “protective,” superhero-like status by blocking out bad things, like irritants and infections, and sealing in really good things, like water.

When the moisture barrier is compromised—something that happens naturally as we age and our skin becomes increasingly deficient in those healthy fats—skin is not only more prone to things like redness and itching, it becomes dry, dehydrated, and crepey. Lines and wrinkles are exaggerated and skin’s natural, healthy glow wanes.

Perricone MD skincare Essential Fx

Perricone’s new Essential Fx line of anti-aging skincare products employs a custom-created Vitamin F blend that provides the ultimate in moisture barrier fortification. A potent combination of flaxseed, chia seed, and macadamia seed oils for skin, Perricone MD’s Vitamin F blend puts a deeply nourishing and protective coating over each and every cell, replenishing your moisture barrier, trapping water inside, and intensely hydrating the skin—transforming a complexion that’s looking, say, a little raisin-y in texture into one that’s as smooth, perky, and glowy as a freshly-picked grape over time.

The Acyl-Glutathione Advantage in Skincare Products

Perricone’s proprietary Acyl-Glutathione molecule is known for its ability to effectively treat the skin with glutathione—also known as the body’s “master antioxidant.” Made up of three amino acids, glutathione is an essential biomolecule that’s found naturally inside every cell and is celebrated as one of the body’s greatest defenders and detoxifiers. With lots of glutathione in your cells, your skin is able to aggressively fight off environmental damage—be it from the sun, stress, free radicals—and continuously repair itself. But, again, as we lose our coffers of natural glutathione due to ageing (really simply, your body becomes less good at making glutathione in its tiny skin factories), it needs to be imported.

That’s where our acclaimed Acyl-Glutathione molecule comes into play. This marriage of glutathione with a fat (palm oil) results in a revolutionary new molecule that’s much more easily absorbed by the skin than glutathione alone—so your cells can once again be flooded with the MVP of the antioxidant world.

One True Anti-Aging Skincare Power Couple 

When combined into our innovative new Essential Fx anti-aging skincare products, Acyl-Glutathione and our Vitamin F blend of chia seed, macadamia seed, and flaxseed oils for skin rehabilitate dry, aging complexions by strengthening skin’s natural defenses, deeply hydrating and reinforcing skin’s moisture barrier, and helping to iron out lines, creases and restore elasticity and luminosity.

There are five luxurious skincare products in the Essential Fx line—all containing Acyl-Glutathione and our potent Vitamin F blend (macadamia seed, flaxseed, and chia seed oils). This highly-targeted line of anti-ageing skincare offers a treatment no matter what (or where) your specific concern:

Essential Fx Deep Crease Serum.


This fast-absorbing serum helps reduce many different types of lines—including those really-tough-to-topically-treat expression lines (marionette lines, frown lines, smile lines), nasolabial folds, and the annoying lines at the base of our foreheads, also known as the “elevens.”

Essential Fx Rejuvenating Moisturizer.


Rich and velvety, this cream infuses skin with intense hydration—without leaving it feeling greasy or sticky. Skin looks plump, smooth, firmed, and lifted.

Essential Fx Smoothing & Brightening Under-Eye Cream.


This balm-like cream melts into the skin on contact, instantly strengthening the moisture barrier, diminishing the look of lines and wrinkles, tightening any laxity, and reducing darkness under the eyes.

Essential Fx Eyelid Lift Serum.

Perricone MD skincare Essential Fx

Our whisper-light serum for eyes helps smooth out lines, lift sagging lids, and reduce the look of dark circles—all while reinforcing the moisture barrier of this particularly delicate area of the face. Makeup not only looks better as it’s layered over a newly smooth surface but it also lasts longer.

Essential Fx Intensive Overnight Moisturizer.Perricone MD skincare Essential Fx

Ultra-decadent, with time-release technology that delivers hydration and nutrients to skin throughout the night, this moisturizer replenishes skin’s protective barrier like nobody’s business. While you sleep, lines and wrinkles soften dramatically and, over time, skin’s elasticity improves.

The Essential Fx Acyl-Glutathione collection of anti-aging skincare is one of Perricone MD’s most advanced treatments yet for lines, wrinkles, dehydration, and overall skin protection. And the individual skincare products boast impressive results.

After testing our Essential Fx Eyelid Lift Serum for 28 days, 84 percent of the 102 women using the product reported that their eye area looked firmer, 83 percent saw improved texture and elasticity in their eyelids, and 85 percent noticed a brighter look around their eyes. For those applying our Essential Fx Deep Crease Serum to those stubborn, deep-set lines, wrinkles, and creases around the mouth, eyes, lips, and forehead, 86 percent saw an improvement in their expression lines, 83 percent noticed that creases appeared shallower and forehead lines looked smoother, and 93 percent found that their skin overall looked renewed.

Essential Fx is safe and effective for all skin types—and most beneficial to these with dry and aging skin. Find the best Perricone MD Essential Fx anti-aging skincare for your concerns by reading through the Essential Fx Collection page now.