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Nature’s Forever Young Secret May Already Be in Your Kitchen

Many Perriconistas are familiar with Dr. Perricone’s belief that the damaging diseases and cellular destruction associated with aging begin with the mitochondria—the energy-producing part of your cells.

You see, aging cells send out internal distress signals when they detect serious DNA damage, which could be as simple as the result of general wear and tear from daily living. No matter what causes the signal, it triggers the cell’s mitochondria to make free radical molecules, which then instruct the cell to either destroy itself or stop dividing. The reason? To avoid the damaged DNA that can result in cancer.

Those tiny energy-generating units in your cells called mitochondria function as microscopic furnaces, converting food into fuel and responsible for all energy production in the body. Although small, they play a huge role within the body. In fact, properly functioning mitochondria are vital in maintaining a healthy body and beautiful-looking skin.

Unfortunately, the mitochondria are a constant site for free-radical production and very susceptible to the damage that free radicals can cause. If we hope to preserve youthful function and prevent disease, it’s critical to search for agents and antioxidants that will protect the mitochondria from this free-radical damage.

We all know that fruits and vegetables contain the antioxidants we need to fight the inflammatory cascade generated by free radicals, so if we just increase our intake we should be able to solve the problem…right?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

The majority of these antioxidants (while invaluable to other parts of the cell) cannot enter into the mitochondria. Thus, the free radicals and their inflammatory cascade continue to cause damage; energy production stops and the cells can collapse and die as a result.

Avocados are antioxidant powerhouses, but as you’ll discover, they have truly unique regenerative properties.

Avocados to the Rescue

Avocados are antioxidant powerhouses, but as you’ll discover, they have truly unique regenerative properties. The special monounsaturated fats they contain are extremely effective in combating free radical damage. However, according to a study by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, the oil found in avocados can enter the mitochondria and help fight the free radicals.

Remember this key fact–a young cell is characterized by its energy production. As we know, energy production takes place in the mitochondria; now, thanks to the avocado, we have the tools at hand to protect this critical portion of the cell and help significantly reduce the negative signs of aging in our organ systems—including the skin.

So eat up!