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Makeup for mature skin: Foundation routine for older skin

Applying makeup for mature skin requires a different technique than with younger skin. You may have different skin concerns than in the past, such as fine lines and enlarged pores. Applying makeup for mature skin may also involve contending with age spots and uneven skin tone. A flawless foundation routine for older skin relies on the perfect foundation for your skin paired with the right application.
We’ve put together a step-by-step foundation routine for mature skin, along with product recommendations, to provide the perfect base for your next look.


What’s the secret to getting a flawless finish to your foundation? It’s all about prepping your skin so you have a fresh canvas for applying foundation. As skin moisture levels drop, moisturising first is essential as it helps to firm up the skin and minimise the signs of aging.
Firstly, wash and cleanse your face, then opt for a hydrating moisturiser. Use a generous amount and massage over your face, ensuring drier areas are given extra attention. A nourishing eye cream around the eyes is a good idea, too. It’s the fine lines around the eyes that foundation is so good at hiding, so it‘s important that you create a clean base for optimum makeup application.


A good-quality primer helps to blur lines and smooth skin texture. Choose a primer that not only blurs and diffuses, but also smooths enlarged pores and reduces redness. This will ensure that your foundation has the perfect base to sit flawlessly on the skin, and will give your makeup long-lasting staying power. Create a flawless base for your foundation with No Makeup Instant Blur Primer for a soft-focus effect that combats redness and adds longevity to your foundation.

Best foundation for mature skin

Buying a new foundation isn’t as simple as just colour matching to your skin tone, there are a few factors to consider when searching for the perfect shade.
Here are some key points to consider when looking for and wearing the best foundation for mature skin.

Makeup as skincare

Mature skin can become more prone to dryness, so foundation for older skin needs to have extra moisturising properties. Top Tip: always check a foundation’s ingredients to ensure that the product provides these benefits.
Try to stay away from thick foundations or those with a powdery consistency. These settle into the creases causing visible lines. Instead, opt for sheer liquid foundations that work with your natural skin texture and not against it. No Makeup Foundation has a lightweight touch, and is powered with Neuropeptides and Daisy Flower Extract that instantly corrects and evens out skin tone, making it an ideal foundation for older skin.

Choose a protective foundation for older skin

Another must for finding the best foundation for wrinkles is to opt for protective properties in your foundation, such as added SPF. No Makeup Foundation and No Makeup Foundation Serum both contain mineral-based Broad Spectrum SPF 20, protecting the skin from UVA and UVB sun rays.
Mature skin should actively be prevented from new damage occurring and without wearing a daily SPF, any existing sun damage will worsen.


The best anti-aging foundation coverage is lightweight and sheer. Heavy formulas exaggerate wrinkles, making your skin appear older. Our skin gets thinner as we age, which is one reason why lines and wrinkles are more visible when heavier, thicker products are applied to mature skin.
Adopting this minimal approach still allows you to achieve your desired coverage. Choose lightweight foundations with a sheer coverage and buildable formulas, which can then be layered up for more seamless results.


Powder is not an essential product when applying makeup for mature skin. There are many advanced foundations available that provide either mattifying or dewy finishes, without the need for powder.
No Makeup Foundation Serum can be applied with the fingertips and built up to create the desired semi-matte finish. The serum gives a mattifying appearance and covers any imperfections you might have, without the need of powder.
For a more dewy and natural finish, No Makeup Foundation is the one for you. Just 3-4 drops of the liquid blended into the skin gives a light coverage and allows you to build up as you desire.


To give mature skin a boost of brightness, use a moisturiser that encourages as much hydration and radiance as possible. A nourished base allows natural brightness to shine through.
Top tip: use brightening products and mix them with your foundation to give your skin a glowing and healthy finish. Choose Vitamin C Ester Brightening Serum, a multitasking serum that targets uneven skin tone and discolouration, brightening your skin as it tackles fine lines. A couple of drops mixed into No Makeup Foundation banishes dullness and leaves your skin looking radiant.

How to apply foundation to older skin

Use your fingers to apply

The trick to expertly applying liquid or serum foundations is to use your fingers. This gives you full control of the product which you can then gradually build up until you achieve your desired coverage. As mature skin needs more natural coverage, applying foundation this way allows you to start small and gradually build up the product for your preferred finish. The heat generated from your fingertips also helps to blend the foundation seamlessly into the skin.

Put foundation only where you need it most

Applying a full face of makeup can look excessive as it tends to sit too heavily on mature skin.
Assess the areas of the skin that you feel you need more coverage. This could include areas of uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation or discolouration. Apply foundation lightly to these areas, covering the centre of the face to begin with, blending outwards – you can always build up coverage in the areas that need it most.

Conceal after

There is an ongoing discussion around whether to apply concealer before or after foundation. Although it’s a personal choice, there are more benefits when applying concealer after foundation.
Once foundation is applied, you can see if any areas need extra coverage, such as age spots or dark circles under the eyes. Try to avoid applying to more sunken areas of the face, such as crow’s feet, as this will merely highlight these areas more.

Foundation should enhance your skin, not age it. Follow our foundation routine and select the No Makeup Foundation or No Makeup Serum foundation for fresh, flawless skin.