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How to Do Natural Makeup: The Clean Makeup Look

‘Less is more’ is a phrase that should be considered in everything we do. We, as humans, often have a tendency to lean towards excessiveness. The ‘sprinkle’ of chilli flakes that leads to an uncomfortably spicy dish. The extra accessory that takes us from stylish outfit to Halloween costume. The heavy lip, dark eye, and thick foundation that adds years to our complexions. Although culinary skills take time and fashion trends come and go, less is more can be easily achieved through the clean makeup look. With natural-looking makeup, there are no excuses for overdoing it on the face. We no longer want to hide our skin beneath a cakey, creased finish. Instead, we want enhance our natural beauty and give off that lit-from-within glow.

Here is Perricone MD’s guide to the clean makeup look.

How to do natural looking makeup step by step

With skincare infused products and step by step guides, how to do natural looking makeup has never been easier. A clean makeup look is all about accentuating what is already there. Think of a radiant complexion, bright eyes and supple lips.

To begin, we have the base.

How to achieve glowing skin with makeup

With a clean makeup look, we want a flawless, glassy complexion. So start by thoroughly cleansing off anything that’s already on the face for the smoothest possible texture to start with.

Next, prep the skin with the No Makeup Instant Blur Primer. This invisible primer works as a complexion-perfecter. It is powered by skin-smoothing Alpha Lipoic Acid to blur and minimise the look of pores, redness, wrinkles and fine lines both instantly and over time. Lightly dab the primer onto the centre of the face, focusing on the bridge of the nose, chin, forehead, and areas that call for extra attention, such as wrinkles or visible pores.

Now that the skin has been prepped, you can continue with foundation application. Once you have chosen the shade that best matches your skintone, start light and build as you go. Squeeze some of the No Makeup Foundation Serum onto the back of the hand, dab your brush in and lightly dot some of the product on the target areas of the face. For example, the forehead, cheeks, and chin.

Using quick, small circles, blend outwards towards the edge of the face. Make sure you blend into the neck and ears. To do natural looking makeup properly means there’s no room for streaks.

If you’re looking for an extra sun-kissed hint, you can dab one or two drops of the No Makeup Bronzer onto the fingertips here. Rub together and gently pat onto the upper forehead, cheeks, chin and nose.

How to do natural looking makeup usually involves a blush, and understandably so. The right blush is an easy way to add a light flush of radiance. However, the wrong blush can quickly turn a look from clean to comical. It’s important to chose wisely here. Creams are far more blendable and tend to be a more naturally looking makeup choice than powders. Apply one to three dots of blush on the apple of the cheeks and gently pat while blending in a lifting, upward motion towards the hairline.

Finally, adding a hint of dew to the tops of the cheekbones can go a long way in achieving glowing skin with makeup, yet still appearing natural. The No Makeup Highlighter Vitamin C Ester is designed with light-reflecting pigment pearls to add subtle luminosity and definition for skin that has that clean makeup look. Apply one to two dots along upper cheeks, the upper brow area or tip of nose and gently press into skin to accentuate and create definition.

How to do natural eye makeup

A clean makeup look is mostly focused on dewy, radiant skin. However, to brighten the eyes and allow the colour of the iris to pop, it’s important to know how to do natural eye makeup. The heavy, black eyeliner and thick smokey shadows? Skip them. They can end up drowning out the whites and brightness of your eyes. We want to draw attention towards the actual eye, not the area surrounding it.

How to do natural eye makeup is simple- keep it natural. Use the No Makeup Mascara Biotin at the lash root to build thickness and volume. Then rotate the brush and sweep the fine, firm comb through lashes to lengthen, separate and define.

Instead of adding dark colours to the lid, keep it light. No Makeup Eyeshadow contains Acyl-Glutathione which works to instantly brighten and awaken the eyes, providing a youthful, natural look eye makeup look. The elegant serum texture glides onto eyelids and blends seamlessly providing the perfect amount of coverage.

How to get the perfect natural lip colour

Lastly, to complete the clean makeup look, add a touch of natural, dewy lip colour. We all enjoy a red lip during a winter occasion, but a natural lip colour works far better to accompany the natural glowing skin with makeup. A matte lipstick can often make the lips appear thinner and in turn, add a few years to your smile. On the other hand, a plump sticky gloss is not always the every-day answer either.

For a clean makeup look, chose a subtle, dewy colour that you can apply on the go, such as the No Makeup Lipstick.

The clean makeup look is effortlessly chic, easily achievable and incredibly low maintenance. No more concerns about creased foundation, smudged eyeliner or lipstick that’s ventured to the teeth. Once you know how to do natural looking makeup, you’ll agree that less really is more.

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