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How to Create the Perfect No-Makeup Look in 15 Minutes or Less

As proved by the abundance of natural makeup looks on the runway during Fashion Week around the globe, no makeup-makeup is here to stay.

From Brandon Maxwell to Anna Sui, “intentionally dewy skin, flushed cheeks, a my-lips-but-better lipstick, black-brown mascara, and nearly undetectable contouring” gave models a fresh, natural-looking aesthetic.

We want to help you create the perfect no-makeup look at home, so we enlisted our Director of Education (and resident makeup artist), Rosalba Martone, to create an easy step-by-step guide for an easy, no-fuss natural face.

Step 1:

On prepped skin, smooth out the appearance of skin and prolong the wear of your makeup with No Makeup Instant Blur. No Makeup Blur immediately smooths the look of lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores while reducing visible redness. Fun tip: Face Finishing & Firming Moisturizer is the perfect moisturizer for makeup prep. Often used during fashion week, this moisturizer instantly gives skin a natural luminosity while properly balancing skin hydration.

Step 2:
Choose your desired foundation coverage and finish. For a more natural, sheer coverage that gives skin a radiant finish, opt for No Makeup Foundation. For more buildable coverage with a natural, suede-like finish, opt for No Makeup Foundation Serum. Using your fingertips, apply a small dot of foundation to only the areas you feel need some coverage. Use your fingertips to press the product into the skin to blend.

using fingertips to apply no makeup foundation

Step 3:

Use No Makeup Eyeshadow over the eyelids to help even the tone for a brighter appearance.

Step 4:

Using No Makeup Bronzer, apply a small dot to the temples, along the hollows of the cheekbones and on the bridge of the nose to create a very natural contoured effect. Press and blend with fingertips. For a more impactful contour, simply add another layer of No Makeup Bronzer to build the color. Fun tip: sweep a small amount of it to the outer crease of the eyes. Press and blend. This will contribute to an overall, natural contoured look.

Step 5:

Apply No Makeup Highlighter to the high points of the face; cheekbones, bow of lips, and under and above the arch of the brows (this gives the appearance of instant lift!). Fun tip: If you prefer the coverage in No Makeup Foundation Serum, but prefer a more dewy finish, mix a drop of No Makeup Highlighter into a drop of your No Makeup Foundation Serum! No Makeup Highlighter can also be used as “backlight” to your foundation. After applying No Makeup Instant Blur, mix a drop of Vitamin C Ester Brightening Serum with a drop of No Makeup Highlighter and apply all over the face. Follow with your choice of foundation.


Step 6:

My favorite trick for cheeks is this cocktail! Mix 1 drop of No Makeup Blush, with ½ drop of No Makeup Bronzer. Apply it to the apples of the cheek and blend in an upward motion towards the temples. By mixing No Makeup Bronzer, it helps soften the contour so it’s easier to achieve a blended contoured look! Next, take a dab of No Makeup Lipstick and apply over the blush mixture only to the ball of the apples of the cheek. It helps give a very fresh-faced, youthful appearance to the skin, not to mention it’s an instant pick me up.

no makeup blush

Step 7:

Awaken the eyes by applying 1-3 coats of No Makeup Mascara. 1 coat for more natural-looking lashes, and up to 3 coats for more drama. There are two sides to the brush, one thin side with one line of small, short bristles, and the other side is wider with a few lines of bristles. For more volume, apply the thin side first, and follow with the wider-side of the brush. For more lift and length, apply the wider side of the brush first, followed by the thin side. Fun tip: I love using No Makeup Mascara in my brows, but also on a small, flat top brush to tightline my eyes with. Gives an extra kick of definition.

no makeup mascara

Step 8:

Complete the look with No Makeup Lipstick. Fun tip: for more color and longer-wear, apply a dot of No Makeup Blush to the lips first. Then apply No Makeup Lipstick over top.

About The Author:

Having been a professional makeup artist for over a decade, Rosalba has experience creating looks for LA Fashion Week and working with models of all ages. Rosalba originally wanted to be a teacher and went to school for early childhood education. She then realized she wanted to be involved in education in a different aspect, bringing her to lead education efforts for Perricone MD. Her favorite thing about the job? “It allows me to marry creativity with science.”