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Natural makeup looks: How to achieve the no-makeup, makeup look


The minimal makeup look has long been a favourite for celebrities and beauty enthusiasts. Although it looks simple to achieve, it can be challenging if you don’t know the tricks. Mastering the perfect no-makeup makeup look tops most makeup wish lists, so how do we do it? The secret lies in using the right products to create natural makeup looks – ones that give your skin a natural, effortless look with a preened, polished finish. We’ve put together a guide below that shares natural makeup ideas to help you master the look.

How to create the no-makeup makeup look

1. Skincare

One of the most important rules is to remember that complexion is key. A flawless base is the perfect canvas to create a fresh-faced, natural look. Always cleanse the skin first to remove any impurities and leave your skin feeling beautifully refreshed and hydrated.
If you have visibly enlarged pores, add in a toning step. Toners remove any traces of residue on the skin and work as treatments for various skin complaints. For open pores or oily complexions, a pore-reducing, oil-controlling toner like the Intensive Pore Minimizing Toner is great. Follow with a moisturiser that will give glowing, naturally radiant skin.

2. Priming

To achieve a natural, soft finish, ensure to prime the skin carefully. A high-quality primer prepares the skin for foundations, smoothing out the surface and filling in any fine lines to plump out the texture. By creating the perfect base for makeup, priming correctly can also increase the longevity of your no-makeup makeup look.
Enhance your natural features with a primer that blurs imperfections and adds radiance. A multi-tasking primer that works as the perfect base is the No Makeup Instant Blur. This complexion perfector contains skin-smoothing Alpha Lipoic Acid, minimising the look of pores, redness, wrinkles and fine lines.


Best makeup for natural looks


Foundation for natural makeup looks

The no-makeup makeup look is all about natural beauty, lightly enhancing for flawless skin.
When it comes to the best makeup for natural looks, foundation can make or break it. For a barely-there effect, choose a lightweight foundation that blends seamlessly. Opt for a formula which can be built up to provide enough coverage to conceal imperfections and create an even skin tone. Ideally foundation for a no-makeup look should deliver a hint of the added glow that skincare products create – after all, real skin is never completely matte!
To achieve the perfect natural makeup look, choose a sheer coverage foundation and apply with fingertips. The beauty is to build up the coverage as you need.
For buildable coverage, choose the No Makeup Foundation for reducing dark spots and uneven skin tone while creating a healthy, dewy finish. It provides a sheer, luminous coverage and contains SPF 20 to provide sun protection. The Neuropeptides and Daisy Flower Extract visibly smooths and softens the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
If your skin is naturally oily, opt for the No Makeup Foundation Serum. This skin-improving serum foundation enhances the look of the skin, creating a velvet-like semi-matte finish, again with buildable coverage.

Concealing for a no-makeup look

After you have applied your foundation, you may wish to add an extra touch of coverage.
Lightly dab your foundation or concealer over any concern areas, blending as you go and building up the intensity. For a natural, no-makeup makeup look, choose a sheer, lightweight concealer for a weightless feel that provides coverage without looking cakey.

Blush for a natural makeup look

For the apples of your cheeks, choose an easily blendable product, to achieve skin that looks lit from within.
Liquid and cream products work best for a natural makeup look, as they can be applied with fingertips lightly patted and blended onto the skin. The No Makeup Blush offers a light serum texture blush in a universal shade of pink, adapting to your own skin chemistry for a youthful flush.
Apply by pressing in a few drops onto the cheeks, blending to your desired finish.

Bronzer for a natural makeup look

Bronzer needs to be used carefully, highlighting where the sun would naturally kiss the face. Apply to the tops of the cheeks and forehead to warm and brighten, adding contour depth where needed.
Start with a cream bronzer – choose the No Makeup Bronzer for a lightweight contouring serum which not only can be used to accentuate definition, but mixed with the No Makeup Foundation to personalise the shade.
As it contains Vitamin C Ester – a less irritating form of Vitamin C – it gives the appearance of collagen-rich skin by visibly smoothing, brightening and minimising discoloration over time.

Eye makeup for a no-makeup look

For natural makeup looks, your eye makeup should simply enhance, which you can create with light neutral eyeshadows blended into your crease. For blue or green eyes, choose warm browns or soft bronzes. Warm tones make blue eyes pop! For brown or hazel eyes, look at light greys or lilac tones.
For lashes, opt for a mascara that not only lengthens but provides lift and tint. You don’t want dramatic volume, as it’s all about working with your natural lashes to make the most out of them. Apply the No Makeup Mascara for a nourishing treatment in addition to a lifted, thicker-lash look.


Finish off with a lip colour that adds a touch of glossiness. Avoid bold colours and stick to barely-there shades. Enhance with sheer colour and a healthy shine.
A sheer tint like the No Makeup Lipgloss is the perfect addition to a natural makeup routine. The sheer colour enhances the lips naturally, adding a profusion of colour. And don’t forget to blot!


Once your no-makeup look is complete, the final step is setting. Preserve your skin’s natural glow by sweeping a light dusting of powder only on your skin’s oily areas such as the forehead, nose and chin.
The no-makeup look isn’t going anywhere. The key tip for creating the no-makeup look is to be light-handed, gently blending as much as you can.
For more inspiration, discover the No Makeup collection.