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Vitamin C Ester Benefits for Skin: Everything You Need to Know

With all the years of science-backed research and testing that goes into formulating our products, it’s sometimes important to take a step back and look at the driving force behind our work: the key ingredients.

It’s critical that skincare enthusiasts have a deep understanding of what compounds and ingredients they’re putting on their skin, and how a regular application of those compounds can produce lasting, glowing results.

One of those critical ingredients is Vitamin C Ester Intensive Brightening Regimen 15%. From luminosity to firmness, take a look at all this amazing compound has to offer your skin.

What is Vitamin C Ester?

Vitamin C Ester is a highly differentiated, fat-soluble form of Vitamin C for skin. Vitamin C, a key ingredient of youthful skin, helps us stay healthy, fight sickness, make our skin glow, and repair our damaged cells.

How does Vitamin C Ester differ from Vitamin C?

Vitamin C, on its own, is rather unstable. If you apply it topically, its high levels of acidity will irritate your skin and cause redness. It’s also water soluble, which means that it cannot penetrate past your skin’s powerful natural water barriers. Lastly, Vitamin C breaks down rapidly—causing it to lose potency very quickly.

The driving force behind Vitamin C Ester is to fuse this otherwise unstable and insoluble vitamin with a fat-soluble carrier oil. This chemical bond makes it soluble, potent, and highly effective.

What are the Vitamin C Ester benefits for skin?

Multiple factors affect the composition of your skin: your environment, your genetics, your lifestyle choices, your age. These factors cause your skin to change in its colour, texture, and composition, which in turn impact the way light reflects off of your face. Glow and radiance all come down to light reflection—a rough and blotchy skin surface translates to dull skin; a smooth skin surface (like that of a baby) translates to radiance.

What vitamins are good for skin?

It’s also a matter of molecules. Youthful skin is full of vitamins and minerals—Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Retinol, and Collagen, to name a few. As the skin ages, molecules diminish and vitamin levels decline.

Great skincare products incorporate these key molecules back into your skin, and the right ingredients are essential. One of the most effective ingredients in this process is Vitamin C Ester. Vitamin C Ester for skin brightens and smooths your skin tone, minimizes the appearances of discolouration, and helps impart radiance on to your skin.

Will Vitamin C Ester work for all types of skin?

No one ingredient can be the ultimate fix for any one individual’s skin. That being said, everyone can certainly benefit from incorporating some form of Vitamin C Ester into their routine! If you have these skin types, you’ll especially notice a difference in your skin’s appearance:

  • Sensitive skin
  • Redness or blotchiness on your skin
  • Signs of ageing and skin damage, like wrinkles and fine lines

What type of Vitamin C Ester-based product is right for me?

For the best results, you should use your Vitamin C Ester product daily—and because of that, it’s essential to make the right choice that’s suited for you in the long term. Consider these factors when making your decision:

  • Take a look at the packaging of the product to ensure that it holds potency. Our own Intensive Brightening Regimen 15%, for example, comes in four small tubes to help the product minimize degradation through contact with the air.
  • Everyone’s skin is different, so while one person may see slight improvements in their skin’s appearance, another person might see drastic cosmetic changes immediately. Time and patience are key.

At Perricone MD, science is at the core of all of our skin care solutions. Backed by years of research, we’re confident that our collection of Vitamin C Ester based products will help you achieve healthy, glowing, and more youthful looking skin.

Check out our new simplified and colour coded chart to understand which product is best suited for your skin concern.

Ready to incorporate Vitamin C Ester into your routine? Check out our Vitamin C Ester collection.