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Cleansing 101: Always Start with a Clean Face

The foundation to any skincare routine is a simple (but important) one.


That’s right; while each step of your regimen is key to a healthier, more radiant-looking complexion, proper cleansing is crucial for keeping skin looking fresh and feeling great.

Although when it comes to washing your face, there can be too much of a good thing. The key to cleansing effectively is to stick with a regimen of twice daily and no more. Why? Well, the more you wash your face, the more you risk over-washing. Once in the morning, once before bed—that’s all you need.

Benefits of Cleansing

If you still need a little convincing about the importance of cleansing, let us help explain.

  • Remove Dirt and Impurities: This is probably the most obvious of all the benefits cleansing offers, but it’s also one of the most important. Properly cleansing skin helps clear your pores of impurities such as pollution, dead skin cells, bacteria…you name it. Without cleansing, pores can become clogged and your skin can become more prone to breakouts, dryness, and dullness.
  • Maintain Hydration Levels: Oh yes, good ol’ hydration. You already know how it important it is to keep both body and skin hydrated for optimal health and a more youthful-looking appearance, but you might not have known that cleansing can have a big impact on your skin’s hydration levels. When your body temperature rises at night, it can lead to this little thing called trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL)—basically, the amount of water your body loses through the epidermal layer. A clean face means your moisturizer can go to work, helping to restore lost hydration and prevent excess moisture loss at night.
  • Prime Your Skin for Treatment: As the first step in your skincare routine, cleansing plays a huge role in prepping your skin to create the ideal canvas for serums, treatments, and moisturizers. Remember those clogged pores we talked about earlier? Well, keeping pores clear of impurities allows the rest of the products in your regimen to better penetrate the deeper layers of your skin for maximum benefits.
  • Keep Skin Looking Clear and Bright: While cleansing is an important step both morning and evening, washing your face at night is particularly critical. You see, your skin does much of its repair process overnight; it’s during this time that our skin’s permeability increases, allowing ingredients to absorb deeper into the skin. Even better, this is also the time that our skin’s able to get some reprieve from pollutants, allowing your skincare products to their jobs without interference from dirt, makeup, and other impurities.

Choosing the Right Cleanser for Your Skin

Since we all have different skin types, it’s important to select the best cleanser for your individual skincare needs. But what’s best for you? Here are our recommendations by skin type:

  • Cleansing for Dry Skin: Although that tight, parched feeling in your skin could be age-related, dry skin can also be caused by using a cleanser that’s too harsh for your skin’s needs. When selecting a cleanser, choose one with olive oil, phospholipids, lanolin, or other nourishing ingredients that are gentle on your skin. Our Nutritive Cleanser is an ideal choice, or try our Hypoallergenic Gentle Cleanser (which is also a great option for those with sensitive skin).
  • Cleansing for Oily Skin: If you’re using harsh detergent-based soaps and/or alcohol-laden astringents to dry up oil, stop immediately. Over time, these products can cause serious damage to your skin; even worse, they may encourage already overactive oil glands to step up production. No good, right? Instead, try a cleanser formulated for oily skin such as our Citrus Facial Wash. Oh, and although it may be tempting to wash your face every single time it starts to feel greasy, don’t—this can also contribute to excess oil production as your skin tries to make up for the lubrication you’re washing away.
  • Cleansing for Combination Skin: Caring for combination skin is all about a balancing act; you need to moisturize the drier areas (typically the cheeks), while treating the oilier areas such as the forehead, nose, and chin (your T-zone). Look for a cleanser that washes away impurities without stripping skin of its natural oils, like our Pre:Empt Series Daily Foaming Cleanser.

Whether you’re just starting the day or washing it away, set your skin up for success—and achieve a visibly fresh, youthful-looking complexion to match—by making cleansing a priority in whichever skincare routine you choose.