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7 Habits That Make Your Skin Look Older

In the age of self-care, more and more people are beginning to understand the importance of inside-out skincare in the quest to help prevent wrinkles. We know that eating a balanced, healthy diet, taking time to de-stress, and ensuring you make time for restful sleep is all reflected on our faces. There’s a reason it stings when someone says “you look tired” the moment you step into the office.

And though a good night’s sleep or a relaxing trip to the beach can do wonders for rejuvenating your skin in the moment, the aging damage may already be done. While more obvious culprits, like too much time in the sun, are often at work, there are a few unexpected influences or habits we’re exposing ourselves to every day that cause our skin to look older.

bad skin habits


Here, we’ll walk through a few lifestyle choices that could hinder your chances of aging gracefully. And may no one ever say “you look tired” when you walk in a room again.


  1. Not Putting Your Skin First

You’ve created a perfectly balanced diet, found the best way to relax when stress begins to mount, and are living an all-around anti-inflammatory lifestyle. You’re a rock star. But if you’re never putting your skin first, it’s going to suffer.

vitamin rich skincare


At the end of the day, the majority of the vitamins and nutrients you absorb from your food are going to be directed to more important organs, such as the brain or heart. Your skin is the last thing to get serviced, and since its primary function is a barrier, it will wear down over time. Applying vitamins and minerals topically is the best way to make sure your skin is getting taken care of, which is why the basic vitamins and minerals that make up Perricone MD’s anti-aging products have been enhanced for easy delivery to your skin.


  1. Cutting Calories

Truth be told, when people are on a diet, their skin doesn’t always look that great. This may be because they’re cutting out the high-quality protein their skin needs, or they’re turning to “health foods” that don’t live up to their promise. For example, baked chips might contain fewer calories than the regular version, but they’re still high-glycemic empty calories. The best diet to get the vitamins and nutrients you need to feed your skin and reduce the wrinkles features fresh, whole foods, such as vegetables, fruits, and cold-water fish.

nutrient rich diet


  1. Fearing Fat

The word “fat” gets a bad rap. Just like people may think the cholesterol in eggs will lead to high cholesterol in the body (it doesn’t, by the way), they may also assume that consuming high-fat foods, such as avocados, will make you — well — fat.

healthy fats avocado

But fat is crucial to the body, and especially the skin. We would literally die without it. We mentioned that skin is a barrier, and a barrier is made up of fat. And while our bodies can produce certain fats on their own, there are particular ones that it can only get from the foods we eat. Omegas 3, 6, and 9 (found in many of Perricone MD products, including Advanced Serum Concentrate) are crucial to our diets and maintaining supple skin. Coconut oil, for example, contains anti-bacterial and anti-microbial compounds that can hydrate and repair skin from the inside out. Even better, the long-vilified food may actually help promote weight loss.


  1. Skipping the Gym

Anyone who’s laid eyes on an 80-year-old Jane Fonda knows there’s a connection between exercise and beauty. But the reasoning is pretty interesting. In addition to the bevvy of benefits from regular sweat sessions, exercise leads to increased production of oxytocin, which counteracts levels of cortisol, the universal “stress hormone” that causes all kinds of inflammation and accelerates the ageing process. So the next time you’re debating setting up camp on the couch or going on a hike, just call on Fonda for a bit of motivation. The woman knows her stuff.

active lifestyle


  1. Skimping on Eye Cream

Given their diminutive size, the cost of great eye cream can seem steep. But there is a reason for those higher price points. Eye formulas typically have expensive ingredients that are super targeted to eye-related issues and would be cost-prohibitive to use over your entire face. For example, our anti-ageing Advanced Serum Concentrate and Advanced Eye Cream target entirely different things. Blessedly, dark circles, puffiness, and sallowness (a sure sign of ageing) are typically only concerns for the eye area. (Though both Cold Plasma products prevent the appearance of wrinkles.) Plus, protecting the sensitive skin around your eyes is absolutely worth the splurge.

anti-wrinkle eye cream


  1. A Harsh Cleansing Routine

Our skin is a dynamic, living thing with oils and — just like our gut — good bacteria that we don’t want to harm. Harsh cleansers that are high in sulfates or include benzoyl peroxide can strip the skin of that good bacteria, and no amount of proper facial oil or moisturizers can counteract the damage. Make sure the first step of your anti-aging skincare routine is a cleanser free of sulfates or even synthetic fragrances.

anti-aging skincare

  1. Poor Circulation

We mentioned that the skin is the last thing to be serviced when it comes to the vitamins and minerals in your diet, but, as we age, circulation suffers as well, making it even harder for the skin to get what it needs. Over time, this could lead to dark under eye circles, wrinkles, and skin discolouration. Exercise is always an excellent way to increase circulation, but exfoliating, clay masks and even jade rollers can help boost your blood flow.

jade roller

There’s something empowering in knowing that maintaining a youthful glow isn’t just for the lucky ones — we can actively affect change in our face through a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Our brand is based on a three-tired philosophy that consists of eating an anti-inflammatory diet, taking targeted nutritional supplements and applying topical anti-aging skincare with anti-inflammatory activity in order to help reduce and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. We hope this list not only enlightens you on which habits to avoid, but which routines you might create for youthful, healthier-looking skin, because #HealthyLivingIsBeautifulLiving.