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Dr. Perricone


"One of the greatest joys of my research has been discovering the role of key nutrients in the foods we eat and how they impact our beauty, health and longevity. What I often refer to as 'superfoods' are those remarkable anti-inflammatory, healing and rejuvenating properties, which have all but been forgotten in today's world of fast and processed 'food'."

- Dr. Nicholas Perricone, M.S, FACN

Stocking the Anti-Aging Kitchen

The number one priority of the anti-aging kitchen is our food choices:
As natural as possible is best. By stocking your pantry, fridge and
freezer with the right food, you’ll increase your odds for eating right.

The 28-Day Diet

Transform your skin and body
with this anti-inflammatory meal

The 3-Day Face Lift

This diet, made famous by Good
Morning America, delivers dramatic
results in just 3 days!